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We are a Data Consulting Services group. At the core of our services is the client's data. We have made it our business to maximize the return on data (ROD) through our a unique blend of services, skills and solutions.


Improving customer goals and outcomes through the alignment of resources with technologies and expertise


Sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers. Finding new ways for technology to improve business results and delightful healthy work/life balance

HENK Schouten

Founder and CSO

Passionate About Business Transformation

Having been in IT for 3 decades has its advantages. A lot of groundbreaking ideas come and go - and they eventually become part of the rich history that is the technology industry. 

In the early years, this was more evolutionary automating the 'known' processes - from typewriter to word processor. Today we have gone full circle where technology is the driving force behind new business applications.

At Gulf Consulting we love technology.

But we are really excited when we see this being applied to improve the client business and wellbeing.

At the cross road of new technologies is where the most disrupting solutions are being created.

3D / VR / AR / AI / Cloud / Quantum / Open Source / Crypto / Blockchain etc etc

Take our Asset Management solutions. Drones or UAVs – a previously, military only, tech – with their ability to collect high precision visual data (and more). Enhance this with other IoT devices. Pipe this through AI for finding patterns and anomalies.

You get a very effective (time), efficient (cost) and accurate monitoring environment for enterprises to protect their factories, mines, infrastructure etc. We can protect the employees in areas where human inspection is dangerous due to the heat, gasses, radiation or instability of structures. And we can use data to make better decisions to improve the businesses.

Contact Gulf Consulting today to discuss what we can do for you.


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Partner and CTO Big Data Services


I am a Cloudera certified Trainer and Consultant. 

Extensive knowledge in: Hadoop, Spark and Apache Kafka Development and Administration based on CDP on Data Center and Cloud(AWS and Azure) and Confluent, DataStax Cassandra Administration and Development, Apache Spark for Data Science and Apache Nifi administration and development.


I managed teams with their transformation on Cloud and Big Data from traditional Datastores and Data Warehouses to Hadoop/cloud and Cassandra Data Lake.

Experienced in setting up Enterprise Data ingestion layer using Confluent  and Apache Kafka.​

Over the years I have trained > 5500 engineers from Infosys, Vodafone, Western Digital, TCL, Groupon, Epsilon, Xebia, Fourkites, Adobe, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), IBM, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Facebook, Flipkart, Etisalat, Ooreedoo  

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