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Fly Anywhere and Inspect the Impossible


Skypersonic takes industrial inspections to a new level. Thanks to its small size and proprietary caged technology, the Skycopter Pro can inspect places no man or machine can reach.

confined space

Pipes, tanks, boilers… no place is too tight for the Skycopter Pro. Capture HD videos and analyze structures like never before. A powerful LED system will let you see in the dark.

structure inspections

Inspect structures without excess manpower and with increased safety. The Skycopter Pro boasts battery life to max. 14 minutes to reach distant places avoiding frequent landings.

first responders

Intervene before it’s too late, and do it in the safest possible way. Skycopter Pro can get to dangerous areas and situations and take a close look thanks to its First Person View HD camera.

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skycopter going in the pipe.jpg
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