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Online Education

What we have seen during the pandemic is an enhanced interest in online learning. Not by choice - often actually - by the lack of it. Students (K12 and beyond) found it often laughable how teachers were struggling with getting to grips with video calls. It can be a steep learning curve.

Online learning is here to stay and is already a preferred choice for adult education. There are some unique reasons that drive this preference.

It stimulates intrinsic learning. Everybody knows how easy it is to learn when you are interested in a subject. Technology can stimulate this much better than a teacher with a full classroom. Bite size learning is another unique feature that is hard to mimic in a classroom. Pick a subject and decide how much time you have available. The platform will show you the options - you select (remember motivation?) - and you take ownership. Can it be this simple? Yes - and this is just a tip of the iceberg. EdTech is a fast growing market because, if one thing is clear after the months of 'social distancing' - remote working & remote learning are now proven effective solutions. A proactive choice for organisations - open to innovation and trusting their employees and students. Welcome to a new reality!

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