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Having been in IT for 30 years has its advantages. A lot of groundbreaking ideas come and go - and they eventually become part of the rich history that is the technology industry. 

In the early years, this was more evolutionary automating the 'known' processes - from typewriter to word processor. We have now gone full circle with solutions that ARE the creative force behind new businesses.

A new inspiring branch is EdTech - the amalgamation of Education and Technology.

Gulf Consulting is an expert in Data-driven solutions. With a special interest in Education

Education is an industry that has not seen any major improvement for the past 100 years. Big Data will be the disrupting technology that finally brings a much-needed transformation that will benefit everyone who is in Education, Training and Tutoring. Artificial Intelligence is perfect for creating personalised tutoring. ML is perfect for adaptive content delivery. VR and AR can be used for the creation of new inspiring content.

Check out our Quickstart platform - which takes full advantage of Big Data technology. 

I am very excited to be working with the team at Gulf Consulting to bring data solutions to your organisation.

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